Terms And Conditions

1 Parties to This Customer Agreement
1.1 This Customer Agreement is made between Sama2030 who is the holder of the trade name (hereinafter “the Company” or “We” or “Us”) and the persons who has completed the Application Form and whose application we have accepted.

2 Effect of the Agreement
2.1 This Customer Agreement takes effect when you accept it online on our website and when we confirm to you in writing and/or by electronic means that your Account has been opened and we have accepted you as our Client.

2.2 By continuing to place orders with us, you agree to continue to be bound by this Customer Agreement, which supersedes all other Agreements and terms of business which may previously have been in place between us.

2.3 We shall not be required and may be unable to accept you as a Client until all “Know Your Client” and Anti-Money Laundering documentation we require has been received by us. Until we have received all such documentation, properly completed by you, your account will not be enabled for trading.

2.4 Please be aware that we do not accept citizens from certain countries. US citizens or US residents are strictly not accepted as clients due to US Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) rules.

3 Scope of Services
3.1 From the date on which your Account is activated we will:

(a) Receive and transmit orders for you in Financial Instruments,

(b) Provide foreign currency services provided they are associated with the provision of the Investment Service of Section 3.1 (a) herein,

(c) Provide for safekeeping and administration of financial instruments for the account of Clients, including custodianship and related services such as cash or collateral management,

(d) Investment research and financial analysis or other forms of general recommendations relating to transactions in Financial Instruments.

3.2 You acknowledge that our Services do not include the provision of investment advice. Any investment information as may be announced by the Company to you does not constitute investment advice but merely aims to assist you in investment decision-making. It is also understood and accepted that we shall bear absolutely no responsibility, regardless of the circumstances, for any such investment strategy, transaction, investment or information.

3.3 We will not advise you about the merits of a particular Transaction and you alone will make trading and other decisions based on your own judgment for which you may wish to seek independent advice before entering into. In asking us to enter into any Transaction, you represent that you have been solely responsible for making your own independent appraisal and investigation into the risks of the Transaction. You represent that you have sufficient knowledge, market sophistication, professional advice and experience to make your own evaluation of the merits and risks of any Transaction.

3.4 We obtain information about your knowledge and experience in the investment field so that we can assess whether the service or product envisaged is appropriate for you. We shall assume that information about your knowledge and experience is accurate and we shall bear no responsibility if such information is inaccurate or changes without informing us and as a result we will not be able to assess the appropriateness and suitability of our services for you. If you fail to provide sufficient information in this regard (or fail to provide any information), we will not be able to assess whether you have the necessary knowledge and experience to understand the risks involved. If you still wish us to proceed on your behalf, we may do so, but we shall not be able to determine whether trading in CFDs is appropriate for you. Consequently, we strongly advise you to provide us with any requested information which we believe to be necessary for the purpose of enabling us to assess the appropriateness of our products for you.

3.5 The Company may offer the Client a free subscription for receiving trading signals in which case the Client’s contact details shall be automatically forwarded to iSignals unless otherwise instructed by the Client. iSignals shall only be forwarded the Client’s telephone number for receiving trading alerts by phone and the plug-in on the trading platform shall be enabled. Therefore, any signals received cannot constitute personal recommendations. Signals issued by iSignals shall be deemed to be general recommendations or market research only, not taking into account the suitability for each individual Client. By accepting to receive the trading signals, the Client agrees and consents to the Terms and Conditions It is understood and accepted that we shall bear absolutely no responsibility regardless of the circumstances for any such trading signals of failings thereof. By continuing to receive the services , you continue to agree to their Terms and Conditions. In case a Client wants to opt-out of this service, the Company must be informed in writing.

3.6 We may periodically, and with our absolute discretion, withdraw all or any part of the Services temporarily or permanently.

4 Client Consents

4.1 You agree and understand that you will not be entitled to delivery of, or be required to deliver, the Underlying of the Financial Instrument, nor ownership thereof or any other interest therein.

4.2 You agree and understand that no interest shall be due on the money we hold in your Account.

4.3 You agree and understand that we will affect any Transactions with you as an agent. Thus, we will be transmitting your Orders for execution to another broker(s), and such broker(s) may be transmitting the orders received by us to other liquidity providers. These broker(s) are not necessarily operating in a regulated market. We are receiving set prices for the Financial Instruments you can trade on our platform and have no means of amending or requoting them.

4.4 You agree and understand that CFDs trading is not done in a regulated market.

4.5 You solemnly declare that you have carefully read and fully understood the entire text of the Customer Agreement herein with which you fully and unreservedly agree.

4.6 You solemnly declare that you have read, understood found satisfactory and accept as an integral part of this Customer Agreement the following information provided on our Website:

a) Risk Warnings and Risk Disclosures, and

b) Trading Conditions

4.7 You specifically consent to the provision of the information of Section 4.6 by means of our Website.

4.8 You confirm that you have regular access to the internet and consent to us providing you with information, including, but not limited to, information about amendments to our Customer Agreement, costs, fees, policies and information about the nature and risks of investments by posting such information on our Website.

4.9 You acknowledge that a variation which is made to reflect a change of law may, if necessary, take effect immediately and without prior notice. We may vary this Customer Agreement at any time and it remains solely your responsibility to stay informed about any changes. The latest version of our Customer Agreement is available for access on our Website.

4.10 Your trading account must be established for trading purposes only. The Company is not a bank, nor does it keep deposits as a bank. We keep deposits only to maintain margins supporting the trading account and trading activities.

4.11 The company maintains a zero-tolerance policy for abusive trading strategies, fraudulent activities, manipulation or any other scams. Such activities include, but are not limited to, misuse of deposited and promotional or bonus funds, swap arbitrage, bonus arbitrage, cash-backs, internal or external hedging, the use of any automated trading system and/or software (“trading robots”, “expert advisors”, etc..

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