This page is all about the Stocks and CFDs, it’s key features, and main terms of usage, which will be of a great help while making a decision which market is the best for you and suits all of your needs.


So in general CDF is a Contract for Difference. That’s is all about the contract, or any other agreement, that is two or more people made for the exchange process. The instruments in use can vary from the open to close ones, depending on the price, and this gives you an opportunity to predict it rise or fall. This is bring us to the point where you can earn money not only from the risk management itself but also with the falling of the asset, which is not working while dealing with the traditional ways of exchange.

Manually the only place here you can really get a loss, is a time when market just stop in development, and slow down for a period of time.

On the other hand when you are dealing with a traditional   stocks, which are directly trading, this more t a selling a buying stuff. Actually you can get yourself a good investment in the long perspective,getting your money back with a good to go percent.

Thus this can sound easy, you have to get just the right timing for the selling and buying not to waste too much. And of course the risks point are here as well. Direct trading is dependable on the current situation on the market in the moment and if the time is wasted you will immediately get a loss, but the good thing is that the maximum money you can lose is only the exact sum you invested, no more then that.


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