1. Bitcoin: is the first decentralized open source cryptocurrency, acting on peer-to-peer network. At the moment, it’s also the most valuable and popular one.
  2. BlockChain: is a virtual shared ledger, consists of blocks, where stored the information pending all the transactions throughout the entire period.
  3. Fork: Alternative route within the BlockChain ledger, which allows to exist both of them
  4. Ethereum: is BlockChain based open-source, decentralized applications oriented public platform, which runs so-called smart contracts , which aimed to implement trustworthy transactions without involvement of third parties.
  5. Consensus: It meets, when all participants inside Blockchain network prove the validity of transactions.
  6. Tor: web browser, enabling users to hide their IP addresses and be anonymous inside the web. Tor can be deciphered as “The Onion Router”.
  7. Token:
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