Credit Card Withdrawal:

Sama2030 accepts withdrawals by credit cards.
The Withdrawal process can be done in your Account Page. Be informed that withdrawals by credit cards can only be processed to the exact same card used to deposit at Sama2030. The maximum amount that can be sent is the amount of deposit. Profits or amounts in excess of the deposit amount can only be processed by Wire Transfer. Please note that Credit Card Withdrawals take 3-5 days to be processed.
Minimum Withdrawal Amount through Credit Card is 10 USD.

Wire Transfer Withdrawal:

The process of withdrawal is conditional on Certain trading volume of The amount of the bonus that given to the trader, This means that every $ 100 Bonus Trader must open trades million size of the equivalent of 10 Lott trading.

  • trader gets a $ 100 bonus every deposit up to $ 1,000.
  • trader must achieve the required volume on the amount of the bonus to withdraw hid own share capital.
  • trader must close  all trading transactions in the account before withdrawing .
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