Price of bitcoin cash today(5) is increasingly taking off and this is an incredible high-tech reality we face with. Moreover, GTO XY is a perfect place, where you can buy bitcoin online, however merely a few decades ago people even could not imagine such awesome financial solution. Interestingly that digital scientists and tech enthusiasts have been trying to create akin digital currency for more than 25 years!


The first attempt of crypto money foundation known in the history was in the early 1980s when  An American cryptographer David Lee Chaum had researched the idea of the creation of electronic decentralized cash and its daily usage. This seemed groundbreaking because of its complete anonymity and the ability to make safety transactions without a control of anybody.


In 1983 he had accomplished the tech concept of a public-key cryptosystem, which is still used until today, thanks to its qualitative and secure data transmission, which was invisible for banks. Then Chaum moved to Holland, where has founded digicash, unfortunately, the project was suspended and sold in 2002 because of the bankruptcy, nevertheless, David Chaum can be considered as cryptocurrency father.


Then were lots of different analogs, which had repeated the fate of digicash until Satoshi Nakamoto represented in 2008 his unique BlockChain ledger used for bitcoin transactions. This occasion ultimately changed the face of the digital and financial industries.


Nowadays bitcoin has earned the highest liquidity and world’s recognition. The present digital progress let making the appearance of brand new cryptocurrencies, these varieties of e-money induce the competition in the field, which will be the reason for increasing the quality and convenience in order to attract more attention.


Those factors are quite important for investors because at present people are the main characters in this modern e-cash rush.


Indeed, GTO XY is proven customer-oriented company, this why GTO XY provides the safest way to buy bitcoins. To be sure, check our history.


Lastly, If you ask: what is the easiest way to buy bitcoins? You are on the right path!




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