Bonus Policy

By this policy GTO XY reserves it’s legal rights, though the requirements of the procedure (i.e. “bonuses”, “promotions”, “giveaways”, “benefits”) to all of our users, as well as newcomers is set in the in obedience of the terms and conditions of our platform. As well as any of the bonus project held within the are followed by the following terms:

  • All the actions done during the bonus project flows are for the encouraging of the community, cheering word for the traders and newcomers, and all original products developed and processed by the Bonus Project Team. On these terms GTO XY save the right to choose traders or the group of one’s for providing a bonus offer.
  • Subject of the Bonus program is provided to all of the traders involved under the same equal terms.
  • All of the community members, received the invitation strongly recommended to read Bonus Guidelines to understand the particular project aims and goals.
  • An act of registration into the project or subscribing to the certain actions means that the user fully understands the conditions of the Bonus program policy and accept its rules and terms. The binding policy term of action is restricted with the Bonus project time of action.
  • Benefits provided by the GTO XY through the Bonus projects are not a mandatory one’s. In case of the Customer fails in taking the subject of the bonus program, will in no way influence on the further deals between the Customers of the GTO XY and its clients.
  • The Customer is also takes all responsibility on a careful study and learn Company’s Bonus Policy Agreement, before any moves like registering into the project, acceptors of any program subject or premium features.
  • Any depositing of the bonus subjects can be provided only to the verified member of the community, established by our Bonus Team. In the case of customer, fully credit suits to the following conditions, he will immediately until the volume of the credit is reached. As soon as that happens the bonus terms will be deducted from customer’s trading account according to the policy rules. The calculation will be start from the first bonus subject received and continues consecutively. This means, Customer have no ability to use the fresh bonus granted until the active bonus terms is still active.
  • GTO XY have a right to reject a bonus project request, or cancel an active term on any account within the trading platform any time without prior notification or providing a reason for the action made.
  • In the case of any form of the bonus received the Customer accounts have to meet the certain requirement for the granted GTO XY left the right to approve the withdrawals, according to the Bonus Policy Agreement any time with in the action. This will take no affect to the overall withdrawal process. The currency of the bonuses granted Customer, coincide with the main currency on the Member’s account.
  • Any using of the bonus program or subjects of the promotions without any experience in trading, is involved in profits getting understanding, as well as the losses as well. Those risks associated with the Forex trading unit, and comprise the risks of bonus loss, losing the funds with in the account, and other similar risks.
  • Selling subjects of the bonus program outside of the trading system or to the third persons are strictly prohibited.
  • In case the Company suspect a Member in overused actions or going against the Bonus Policy Agreement, Policy Rules or any other legal document within the platform, GTO XY has a right to withdraw bonus subject from the account or close the Member’s activity permanently.
  • “Reverse trading” under the terms of GTO XY trading account is strictly prohibited, and the Customer acknowledges that accounts caught on the actions as follows will be blocked from the further activity on the permanent terms.
  • Any situation not described in these rules shall be subject to the Company’s decision.
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