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Right from the very first sight of the Bitcoin Mania, your friends, or maybe even friends of your friend been investing into this new field alot. Some of you can be strict to only buying stuff using electronic coins, or at least heard of this aware during these years. But that just not all that is been over the seek-for-Bitcoin is all about. Mostly the hype, that is over crypto now is due to the a affiliate-networking programs.

So it’s obviously the way to make even more money out of this field, but what exactly the affiliate is? Lets drill down to understand.

Long story short, this is here way to get your passive income though the people joining the service over your advice, or your link. And the more people do so, the more income you will get. Sounds like a piece of cake, and that exactly what it is.

In addition, whenever your referral get some of this friends on board you also get some extra money, as those drive the traffic to the site as well.

Critical point here is the terms under which you can join the program as an affiliate, and they are really differ from platform to platform and every company can offer you something to your liking, such as one time referral bonus, or commision for your lifetime sales. Also some of the venue s can offer you a one time offer with a visibly greater interest, compared to a basic offer.

To go even further some of those offer tiered referral, to keep your passive income for a lifetime.

Within GTO XY Affiliate Program, you can earn 30% of the fee from all trade operations of referred users, including their future purchases.

  1. Get a link

Share your personal referral link across the web

  1. Invite users

The more users you bring to GTO, the more you earn

  1. Be rewarded

Get 30% of fee from all exchange transactions of your referred users!

Create a free account on GTO XY today: Join GTO XY affiliate program and earn with us 50% of profit from a project, just fill out the form.


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